Monday, April 27, 2009


there's something about taking pictures of the waist down that i just love. there's so much ambiguity and mystery.  this one wasn't on purpose though.  it was raining so hard today.  i was trying to take a picture of the raindrops hitting the pavement but this girl stood in front of me.  i guess it worked out though.  her impatient and pushy legs made for a good disruption of the original photograph.  
forget about their faces, their legs are doing all the talking.
i feel like ambiguity is ruling my life right now.  it's hard to believe that i've officially been a resident of 대한민국 for 8 months.  that definitely flew by rather quickly.  8 months ago i felt like i had all this time to figure out the next step.  but it's been hard to figure out the next step when when i've been struggling to figure out how to acclimate to living in a new country.  now that the stress of adjusting has subsided, it's crunch time all over again.  but all i want to do these days is take pictures of legs and play my guitar along the han river.  i need some motivation before i get stuck.  where's my forward momentum?  i feel like i'm getting so sidetracked and distracted!  


Guy said...


Dude, Starbucks is good. I can't lie. I'd PREFER mom and pops places, but I seriously think Starbucks brews their stuff with something 10x stronger... like crack.

PS Your blog is pretty tight.

SuJ said...

all i want is to take pictures all day too now.

jHust said...

"Dream Giver"... keep your eye on the prize ;-)

Rowe said...

Hey Girl! Don't worry about getting stuck. Opportunities will present themselves when it's time. For now, do what you want to do and don't stress about feeling like you should be doing something else. Believe me, there will come a day when you will rarely have any time to do what you want. So take all the "me" time in the world right now. It's good medicine. Love ya and miss ya.