Monday, December 28, 2009



It's almost over.  

The moment you stop appreciating things is the moment you slip into a fast spiral of self pitying delusions about how horrible your life is.  It's always a little tough to see all the goodness that fills your life when work keeps you pumping at a monotonous rhythm or crisis strikes, then, strikes again, and then, one more time.  Or when you mess up and can't do anything but just watch you're mistake saunter down the street and stare you up and down as it passes.  Fortunately, that's why friends are so key.  Especially when any of the above are mixed in with the winter doldrums (I am not made for cold weather, it's super depressing and hard to appreciate when you're constantly trying to fight off hypothermia!).    

Things in Korea have been business as usual.  I'm starting to get pretty adjusted to my work.  Although it's always nice when you get past the "acclimating" point, I find every time I cross that threshold, I start getting really bored.  Luckily, there's a few projects that I'm working on so I'm hoping they will liven up the pace at work a smidgen.  Aside from work, my free time has been spent mostly with Jungle and Phil.  I'm so, so, so grateful that they're here in Korea.  Well, to be honest, it's pretty cool that there's so many UCI kids out here in general.  

Since my blogging hiatus, I've made some other progress.  I LOVE Korea.  I truly love it here.  Maybe having some Donuts here has aided in that, but I feel like I've finally been able to break under the veneer just a bit.  There's so many little quirks that have stolen my heart.  Lately I've been thinking about my "next step."  These ruminations are always followed by a slight feeling of dolefulness knowing that my days here are numbered.  It wont be too long before Mister Change is going to jingle jangle me right back over the Pacific to my sunny state.  With this in mind, I've been compiling a list.  It's mostly in my head, but some of it is written down.  Jungle and I are supposed to sit down to make one soon and I'm very driven to complete each task we put in ink.  We'll keep ya'll posted ^^ 

Be grateful in all things.

Here's some things I've been grateful for this week! <3...

...knowing that no matter what time it is, it's not to late

...being able to buy delicious ice cream in 5 degree weather

...and then having a friend crazy enough to eat it with you

...stumbling across a giant lantern building made with drawings that you can walk inside of


actually, friends with nikons

...picking random stations to get off at, only to get back on the train

...stumbling across dank food on Christmas night after getting off at a random station to hear interesting facts about budaechiggae while having a picture taking showdown


...using an umbrella when it snows

...stumbling across a cute cafe while slowly inching down a steep, slippery road



...P&J <3

Now I gotta get to bed.  It's 4:15am!!!  

Happy blogging <3


pax aeternum said...

yay! finally you posted a post! it's been too long. honestly though, korea wouldn't be the same without you, nor jungle. for that i am very thankful, and i can't wait to run through busy alleyways to catch a movie, even if we're a few minutes late. cause its not too late =)

omabu said...

nice post

!Empower! said...

I want some of that ice cream! Great photos even better words hj!

christina said...

you dont even know.........

and.. i have a lot more to say
blogspot is not the place

thank you thank you danke

yosuke said...

this is beautiful

shahirs said...

wonderful post. the pictures are amazing! you took those?