Thursday, January 7, 2010

going along

Girl behind the counter stuffing her face with ramen.  
She looked like a kid caught with her hand in a candy jar when I asked her if she had any hot pads for shoes.  With her chubby checks stuffed with food, she answered, projecting little bits of ramen onto the counter.

Little boy in big, floppy yellow shirt.
He came hopping out of an 어린이 집 like a wild steer at a rodeo.  His one boot crunched in the snow as he held his other bootless foot with one hand.  Tongue out, eyes big, he hopped like a professional - narrowly escaping the lady who was holding his other boot...until the ice took him down.

Watching everyone outside in a panic as we woke up to a morning knee high in snow.
The biggest snowfall in over 40 years in Seoul.  Old men were out on my street scooping the snow away with shovels, wooden boards, and big rice paddles.  My usual 20 minute commute to work took 10 as the deserted, snow covered streets made me feel like I was in a winter setting of Seoul in war time.

Sitting on the floor of Kyobo Bookstore and reading the first chapters of 3 books.
A kid tripped over my legs as he was reading a book. In one fluid motion without even looking up from his reading, he found a way to land on his bottom in a comfortable position with his back to the bookcase.    



12FV, RFV said...

warhol right? i think EXACTLY the same way, fantasy love is better than reality love

my name is hj said...

yeah it is~ me and jungle thought about you when we were looking through some of his stuff

Tikko Studios said...

hannah!!! miss your photos, post some photos of war time snow covered korea!!!