Sunday, June 8, 2008


definitely theirs before they even thought to pass my lips and graze those eager ears.  
words so easily spat onto a pretty piece of stationary and fed to hungry mouths in prefect lines.  
words that inspire the mind to make the body do amazing things, 
to accomplish great feats and battle great evils.  
words that comfort a worn and tattered soul, 
leaving warmth and light.  
words that move a heart to fall deeper in love.  
too many i'd say, 
but always a beautiful thing.  
if it had any meaning,  
my words, 
spun like a tightly knotted ball of yarn, 
pieces tugged from frustrations, 
pieces broken from five hundred thousand people screaming at an intersection.  
but the debris you find there, 
those rocks will grow and erode, 
creating more dust, 
mixing earthly colors, 
intoxicating nostrils, 
and still, 
i will sit with my mouth shut, 
staring at the blazing sun as my mind pulsates to the tick of time,
waiting for that perfect moment to slip that single syllable from beneath my rigid tounge.
why do i wait for a purpose, when life as it is began simply as it is, no eloquently sculpted mold, no brilliantly illustrated map with a bright red arrow saying "you are here."  i am a box that came complete with no instructions.  there is no more room for these poisoning inhibitions, so to the lime pits they go.  for once i'll ride on the opposite end, with my horses upside down, gliding across the placid waters, and i'll say what i think, and be what i am, and cry for all the bugs i crushed with my shoe.

the mind is a powerful thing and i feel as though my mind overpowers my heart sometimes 

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