Thursday, June 12, 2008

free write, 2 minutes

because ray said to... :)

higher in the skies i can feel where my heart beats
hidden in a place where the water from my mind leaks
it's like that feeling before you peak, 
just before you're tongue can speak
and the rush is a hush that makes the sounds from your ears bleed.
so i stop to the drop of the softest pillow top
and the hum is the sum of a love that's flickering.
so i walk in the chapel and watch my coins go clinkering
and i pray for the day when the sorrows lingering
will be driven to a place 
where the dust cannot embrace 
and the taste of your face will not fade into the case,
that's closed.
so i know,
i can go,
to the open 
glass window.
and i'll sit in the silence of a round moon light
as i try to remember what those feelings felt like
with the fingers on the frets,
the strings did not forget
our song,
the one we sang
before the dawn,
it'll be gone before too long.
so just sing that story as i concede,
that life is much better when we do good deeds
when we use our words we can follow the leads
of the great minds
who came and died,
but not in vein
because then we came
to pick up the pieces and keep the legacy strong
and we'll keep on going even if we do wrong
because "no regrets" doesn't mean no mistakes
sometimes it takes losing high stakes
to know who we are and what we can do
that we are all capable to do something new
and share a light that was passed to us
if we fail to do this, our life will be a bust
just trust....

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!Empower! said...


Hannah you are guilty on 40 counts of....LYRICAL MURDER!!!!!!!

wow you CRAZY NOW!!!