Thursday, July 3, 2008


one of my goals is to keep up on this blog.  so far i've been lacking.  

anyways, today's thoughts:

"don't worry about how you're going to get an A, worry about doing your best."

the coords had circle time last week, and mike knox dropped some knowledge.  although it seems so simple, that statement is so powerful.  many times we worry about getting that A or getting to that end point that the stress just overcomes us and we struggle to hit our mark.  all we really need to do is change our mentality.  if we focus on working our hardest and doing a good job, then the A will come.  this isn't just in the confines of school work, but life as well.  

this whole event planning business that is SPOP has been the craziest experience of my life.  many times the work and the stress can be overwhelming, but after listening to what mike had to say, i feel a little more at ease.   i guess i was so concerned with creating the best program, and training the best staff, and having the most successful SPOPs ever.  trying to have the best of everything is such a lot to stress about.  instead, it's better to just look at the work we have to do, and make sure we're doing our best.  your input will always produce an output.  if you do a shitty job, it will show, if you work your ass off, that will show as well.  

just a little food for thought!


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The Phoenix Arisen said...

You need to write more often. Your fanclub misses you. hahah, I'm expecting a post a week from Korea.

AHHH T-minus a few days!!! I'm excited for you HJ =)