Sunday, August 24, 2008

the landing

it's pretty crazy how abrupt life can be.  one minute you could be sitting at a table, having a few beers and looking across into the faces of the people who have changed your life for the better.  the next minute you could wake up to the worst kind of turbulence you've ever experienced, look out your window and see hundreds of swirly lines that caress the surface of russia! 
airplane food: bi bim bap, pickles, honey dew, seaweed soup, wine~ mmmmmMmMMMMmm

1 week ago i was so excited to come to korea, 1 day ago i thought i had made a mistake in this decision.  14 hours later in addition to a 2 hour bus drive through the wilderness of seoul my anxious heart is at peace.  i'm exactly where i want to be and there is absolutely no time or room for doubt.  to choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation. -martel.  probably the hardest thing about being out here is being away from everyone else, despite that, i know that if i weren't here, i'd be wishing i was.  i've already had some pretty cool conversations with a dj, some brits, and a former uci alum.  the coolest thing, i get to start all over, meet new amazing people, and add more stories to this already blessed life i've led.  there are peeps from all over the place, from different walks of life, different ages, different experiences.  i'm super excited to hear their perspectives and stories over the next week.  my roommates: iesha is my age from philidelphia, college graduate and kindergarten teacher for a year, igana, a little younger than middle aged, from colorado, just finished her masters in education, is here to pay off her loans.  hahaha, this orientation week is going to be like spop, we're staying in dorms!  lucky for these people, i happen to know a thing or two about orientations and i'm freaking going to make everyone play whoosh!  holla!



!Empower! said...

HAHAHAHAA !!!! Hell yeah HJ!!! Im sooo happy excited and my soul is smiling for you big time! Handle it and live it to the fullest, leave no stone unturned in Korea!!!!!!Keep postin i wanna read about all the adventures!-Ray

Angeli said...

omg hannah. its so surreal to read about how ur actually in korea now! i would love to keep reading about your stories in korea, so keep us posted!

Angeli said...

haha sorry hannah, that comment was from me, nick cheung, not angeli. angeli was signed in on my computer

SuJason25 said...

i think your first sentence in your post really just ties up everything these past recent months. all it gives us is more chances to challenge and learn from, all in the hopes of becoming the best person we can be, an ongoing quest.

i'm so glad you are posting, hj. i really want to just see how your time is in korea. changes lives as i know you will. =)

and the blog word identification is 'mpunk' i thought you should know.

The Phoenix Arisen said...

Man, Im so jealous of all the delicious food you're about to eat in Korea!! If I ever go to Korea, I'm just going to refer to this blog, so I'm hoping it stays full!! Im excited for your new adventures and definitely keep us all posted.

p.s. real. kimchi jjigae.