Saturday, September 20, 2008

e-mails and spiders

sorry i haven't been posting.  been pretty busy and staying exhausted.  i don't think i've slept a full 8 hours since i've been here.  anyways, this post is dedicated to ray-ray :)  the other week a few of my girls asked me for my e-mail address.    

Dear. Hannah♥

(I made gmail today~)

Hi ! I'm Jewel kim

when you just hear my name, maybe you don't know about me.
beacause you teach hundreds of students.

I have a forelock (Is this word right? I want to say hairs that cover my forehead)
I band(?) my hair, and wear red glasses.

I can't speak English very much, so I really feel heavy(?). beacuse I can't tell you somthing. so I tried to send e-mail to tell you (beacause on e-mail, I can find dictionary) somthing. I'll write lots of e-mail about me and my life.

But I'm not good at English as you know
so I sometimes find some words in dictionary.                   

beacause of it, I must wrote or will write wrong words or sentences.
Could you check those thing, and tell me? or send me letters ! then I will be very happy.(It is just my hope.) 
I've naver recevied letters in English.     

When I heard that American teacher will be school, I was so excited but also worried. 

Beacause when I was 13 in English  Village, ( Engligh Village is study English  with foreigner teacher , playing games for one week or two week or one month. ) there are some not good teachers. (Of course there are super good teachers ) When white teacher who has tattoo have lost his cap, he shouted very very loudly "give me my cap in 10 second!" and he gave us red stamp.( red stamps is bad ) And there are some teachers who looking down on(?) us. they seems don't like us.

but I heard you are half korean (right?). so I feel a lot familiar.   And everybody in our school(students, even theachers-theachers talks a lot about you  in class) likes you very much. really!! our think your very pretty and nice.  when you say "Hello ladies!" my friends reaaly like this sentense. especially 인영  

we all like you!     

miss Johnson, I think it's time to stop writting this letter. bye~


Hello, Miss Johnson!
This is jewel!
I was so happy to heard that you know who I am.
I was surprised and delighted at(Is this preposition,at is proper for 'suprised' and 'delighted'?)
your e-mail that already have arrived. The e-mail have arrived . The e-mail have arrived earlier
than I had thought. then, I cliched expecting your e-mail (Can I add v-ing to expect?  we cannot
 use v-ing love, like, hate envy etc. this kind of verbs.) It is such a kind and long e-mail.
thank you!
there are a few big words, but they didn't matter to understand what you said.
later, I found them in dictionary and tried to understand exactly again.
You are a Korean American!
I had thought you are a half Korean- half American. Because of your last name, Johnson.
I didn't know exactly who you are - and everybody doesn't know exactly  who you are.
Other teachers said "Maybe her mom is a Korean, she is 24-year-old(25?), she can speak
Korean a little bit, she is from California and she is first to teach in Korea "
These are all to understand you. so I was always wondering who you are.
I'd never known your Korean listening skills are good!
anyway, the next paragraph that I'm going to say, may seem very rude. I'm really sorry but
I belive you can understand me. I wanna tell you.
you said loveing in Korea will help you get better to speak in Korean.
I'm really glad becauseI feel you love Korea.
But I hope you don't learn Korean a lot from us, our school's students. We use some bad slangs
(I believe this word is proper. It is important to understand what I'm saying)
For example, '거짓말 하지마! (=you're lying!)' instead this expression, we usually say '구라치지마'
or '뻥치지마'.
Although there aren's slangs, we usually use rude Korean.
For example, '화장실 다녀왔어? (= Did you go to the bathroon?")' instead this, a few students (not
many) say '똥 싸고 왔냐?'. This sentence is very disagreeable to hear.
sometimes, some teachers say this kind of things just for fun.
In addition, Hong Kong actor, Jackie Chan can speaks in Korean.
The funny thing is when he speaks in Korean, he behave like a lady.
The reason is his Korean x-girlfriend who went out 8 years(?). she is a super shy girl.
So when she used korean in front of Jackie Chan, she must was very shy.
Jackie Chan learend korean to her, and speaking Korean like lady!
Since I've known this story, I think person who teach language's manner is important.
I know my opinion can be wrong, but I want to tell you! 
Oh It's time to bed ! I usually go to bed at AM 1:00~2:00, but today is holiday!
Good night! :)
P.S.  I think ' :) ' It is very cut. but when make it bigger than :) this size, It truns uglier than before.

Allow me to introduce my ladies :)

They are really shy about showing their faces, but don't let that deceive you, they are very devious little girls.

What could be better than going to work to see these girls every day :)  These are the 3rd graders, the 1st graders are even cuter!  (in korea you say 1st, 2nd, 3rd for middle school)

I'm too tired to go into depth about what teaching has been like.  For now, I will say that I love it so much.  Being a teacher is phenomenal.  It's challenging and stressful at times, but it's definitely been so rewarding and it's only been a month.  Hopefully this momentum doesn't lose it's zeal!

Thanks for reading.  


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i think your teaching experience is amazing. hopefully i'll get to experience something like that one day.

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you are amazing hannah johnson.