Sunday, September 21, 2008


i weep less.
wondering what awaits beyond the sentence.
a present tense sculpted with hands of perfection.
it's a motion that moves a soothe so immense,
the body temperature rises.
no, raises the senses with blessing from above.
with open eyes and a fleeting heart,
the mind suddenly becomes exposed to a truth.
with a pinch of reality, and two dashes of salt,
the dish is finished.
sweet aromas consume the nostrils
and rich flavors dance on the buds
leaving the tongue yearning for more.
this is a place for the poor.
the children of lost hope find refuge in this scent.
no longer a decent,
but a consumption for comfort.
the body may starve amidst a cold world,
but the spirit will always be fed.
the years of blind wandering,
leading into alleys of pain and fear will met away
as ice on a hot summer day;
water for the flowers
to bloom in the spring of a new youth.
this is the season of rebirth ---
the year of awakening.