Monday, October 27, 2008

Zot Zot in Seoul?!

Today I went to get a flu shot. As I was coming back from the little clinic I stopped off at Sungshin Woman's University to go shopping. It was one of those moments when I really wished I had my camera. That part of the city is really refreshing. Reminds me a lot of San Fran with it's hills and brick buildings. I perused through the little shops and as I was shuffling through a rack of clothes the sales lady came up to me and said in korean, "This is California fashion." In my head I was thinking, "Oh California, I know that place." I shuffled through some sweatshirts and what did I find but this little dime piece! Of all the places to find a UCI sweatshirt! So those of you with a UCI sweatshirt, wear it with pride, because it represents "Caleponia pashion" in a little dinky shop somewhere on the streets of Seoul. Holla!!! Anyways, I totally have so many sweatshirts, but I had to buy this one. It really made me miss home and my past life.
So, my update. I'm so over cigarettes and I totally made it through the withdrawals...we'll for the most part. There's a few of them that are still lingering, but I think the worst is over. Work is good. My creative juices are getting a little exhausted though. At work I have the oldest computer in the room. Everyone else has nice flat screen new ones. I got stuck with the dusty old PC that freezes and crashes every 2 minutes. I guess you can say that my patience is growing in every possible way; with the kids and with life...and that's an understatement. Too tired to elaborate. Life is just happening to me, and it's kicking my ass for the better. :)


SuJason25 said...

congrats on kicking the habit! im still working on mine

!Empower! said...

HJ! keep handling biz and representing for Caiponia Pashion!!!!haha

Sarahppa said...

congratulations hannah.
thats definitely an inspiration =]


The Phoenix Arisen said...

hahah 'caleponia pashion' - totally laughed out loud when i read that. I actually said it out loud too.

hopefully they'll upgrade your computer sooner than later, i mean korea's such a tech hot spot, why wouldn't they give you a new one!!

anyways hope your doing well, we're all missing you here!

SuJason25 said...

u're vote does matter. i read ur comment and it compelled me to re-comment on ur entry. jesse chang would be so mad to read that.

but i wont tell him. jesse for cali governor 2028