Wednesday, October 29, 2008


sing like a sycamore, buzz like a bee
when did it pay to not be me?
instead i ask to seek things unseen.
to live a life where i'm not a fiend,
for of this world, i knew nothing of,
except for once when i felt true love.
but now the clouds have parted their ways,
even so, the ocean still crashes and sand still waves
and it will continue to be, forevermore.
when you think it can't bleed, the heart just pours
i glance at a picture of myself walking out the door
and i ask myself
is this a vision or is life this real?
it's as though i'm losing control of all i feel.
i drop to the ground and on my knees i kneel,
oh please let this not be my last meal.
is anybody listening or are my words lost in the wind?
i feel like something's burning from depths within.
oh consuming fire swallow me tonight,
be my wings as my soul takes flight.
into the air and away i wanna go,
please just take me to a place that nobody knows.
take me to that place and leave me all alone.

1 comment:

Doris said...

I really, really wish that I could sit down and have coffee with you and talk to you and learn from you and grow from you.