Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fake Plastic

What happened to your face?
Dressed in lace,
you succumbed to society's mace.

Plastic poisons injected into brittle bones,
brought up by the poor spirits,
the bored spirits.

Trapped behind fall colored fashion, a mockery of God.

Beauty has fallen, vanquished by the knife. A spear to fill the gaps of a self destructing culture.

The images foretell the end to this tale.
The feeding of a growing emptiness epidemic.
More is never enough on this mission --

A mutilation of perfect art.

Always seeking, never sought.

Always taking, but then it's forgot.


Neena Dolwani said...

cool pics

SuJason25 said...

damn manikins.

my name is hj said...

they're so creepy right?!

Justin Chen said...

always seeking...
never sought.

i like it.