Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Pepero Day!!!

Today is 11/11, Veteran's Day in the states but here in S. Korea it's Pepero Day!!!  For those of you who don't know Pepero, you may be more familiar with it's Japanese counterpart Pocky Sticks.  The thin little cracker sticks covered in chocolate, some are filled with chocolate, some have nuts on them, some are strawberry, others are vanilla...oh yes, you know what I'm talking about.  Well here in Korea, they're called Pepero.  Pepero Day is similar to Valentines Day and is celebrated on the 11th because 11/11 looks like 5 sticks of pepero.  Apparently, this tradition of exchanging packs started about 10 years ago in Pusan by young school girls as a good luck charm for growing taller.  Though it's a cute story, we all know how marketing schemes work.  Similar to the way Hallmark and Hershey's profit from Valentine's Day, Lotte profits from Pepero Day.  Never the less, it was really fun getting pepero from my students today.  The single wrappers have a thick pepero in it.  The girls were also giving away 2 feet long peperos.  When I walked into one of my classes, they had made a huge heart of pepero boxes and had it hanging on the wall.  So cute.  Anyways, I have a life time supply of these things now and unfortunately I don't even really like them.  Oh well, Happy Pepero Day everyone! 


Aaron said...

woah, that's a ton of pepero.

i only got a few :( and two of them were pity boxes from kids who saw that i didn't have many hahah. one girl gave me an empty box from the trash, lol

SuJason25 said...

thats pretty cool. never noticed the intense colors of it all.