Monday, May 25, 2009

busy bee

I've wanted to blog for a while but I've been so busy and exhausted I seriously haven't had any time.  I miss writing.  I miss being able to sit down with a clear mind and just letting the words effortlessly flow out.  So, I'm just going to free write for a while and see where it leads me...

A soft roll to a thunderous crash under salty ground.  
The surface cracks and thick water seeps to the beeps of the coming day.  
Away thoughts fly.  
Level with the sights of yesterday, scurrying to reach the next step we prep. 
We prep and we prep then as quickly as the moment came it remains as stains on the coffee table.
A distant memory of a flavorful blend and a few laughs shared with friends.  
Emerging to the surface too quickly, we get the bends.  
Decompression begins now.  
Doesn't matter if you know how.  
The bubbles slide through coursing veins and the new day reins until tomorrow.  
Such sweet sorrow.  
Parting is such sweet sorrow.  
Frowns underground creep as clouds on the streets and feet after foot become covered with a yellow dust.  
Hand over mouth the cough can't help but shout as the suffocation breathes a deep undertone into those eyes.  
With empty hands we abandon what we never had.  
Iron clad ships materialize upon the harbor, beckoning a sweet song of relief.  
A slight reprieve to spare of sinking lungs.  
When did breathing become such a chore?  
A deep inhale wreaks a buzz of panic as thoughts parade about in confusion.
Judgements cascade into a conclusion.
Still, the dust never settles.
And still, the dust never settles.

Yeah, so it's crunch time right now.  I have 2 months of figure out the "next step."  Life has been moving so fast I haven't had time to figure it out and the uncertainty of it all is just a little rough to handle.  But, regardless, I'm loving all these exciting opportunities that have been popping up and hopefully those things will lead me somewhere.  Ok, that's all for tonight.  Sleep tight everyone!



christina said...

:) i love reading your blog and looking at your pictures! i was a little anxious about going but as the date gets closer, i'm getting more and more excited! i should be there around july 1... let's go on a shooting adventure! :) <3 ya and miss ya!

my name is hj said...

aww, thanks for reading :) july 1st?! that's so soon! we'll definitely have to do some shooting ^^

omar abuzaineh said...


ps. my word verification was "undili"