Wednesday, May 6, 2009

young folks

We didn't have to work this past Monday and Tuesday.  It was fantastic.  I went out to Hongdae with some friends on Monday night and we pleasured our taste buds with a delicious vegetarian meal.  It felt good contributing to the cause and not eating meat that night.  A few things I remember from my Animal Rights class during my last quarter of college.  One of them being a quote by Pythagoras who said, "For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other.  Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."  Word.  That was one of the heaviest classes I took in college.  The movies we watched and the stories we read turned me vegetarian for a month.  It felt good, but after the class ended and I didn't have to endure the videos of screaming animals, I soon forgot how atrocious it was and that cheeseburger, animal style withe extra tomatoes became increasingly more irresistible.  Anyways, I'm on a tangent.  After our dinner, we meandered on through Reggae Bar where we sat and drank some makalee and watched the Baliwood version of Mission Impossible to the smooth sounds of sweet reggae music.  It was the flipping most sensational thing ever.  We wandered around through a few more places and finally ended up at FF.  Since it was a Monday night, there were only a handful of people inside, which was fine by me.  The music was good, classics throughout the past few decades.  There's nothing better than sipping on a cool cocktail while watching the combination of "tall white guy" and "short, roundish korean guy" dance together in the most jolly of fashions to Peter, Bjorn and John's Young Folks.  Not only was this probably the highlight of my weekend, but it also struck a nerve of nostalgia and brought me back to some ridiculous times.  All of a sudden I couldn't stop thinking of that dingy old garage at the end of a particular cu de sac and those carefree kids just sitting and absorbing each other's aura.  My heart started to feel a little squeeze, but just before I began the plunge into a longing for the past, I looked over to the most amazing duo of dancing men and I just got so overwhelmed with joy at how spectacular the moment was.  I love being a young folk.  

The start of a very atypical Monday night.

Now say it again in a British accent with a little sprinkle of southern twang.


Makalee at a Reggae bar...never would have imagined.

Hello Nana.


Hello there.

Just dance.
Talking only me and you.


Carlifornia said...
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Carlifornia said...

Ahhhh, that song (Young Folks) leaves a bookmark in my heart for the time living in Sanderling. Remember this moment..

I was sitting under Kota Shimojo's bunk bed tucked away in the northeast corner of Sanderling. The joyous whistling melody protruding the room. HJ walks in, "Hey Carl, what's the name of that song?" "Oh, it's called Young Folks," I said. Talk about striking a nerve of nostalgia! That place was a safe haven, a recovery room, and a playground..

Melissa said...

i lovessssssssss your blog.

myma@uci said...

ooooh good entry