Friday, September 25, 2009

Cab Ride

Today, I was late for my dentist appointment so I jumped in a cab.  It wasn't until I looked into my wallet that I started to feel a little uneasy.  I only had 7,950w.  Although I felt it would be enough to get me to where I was going, I knew that if by chance we hit traffic, I might need to bail early.  One thing I don't like about Seoul is the unpredictable traffic jams.  Usually, these are spurred on as a result of the incessantly annoying construction projects that pop up out of no where.  Anyways, I watched the meter with a tense bottom.  You know how it goes.  As each number changed the bottom got tenser and the sweat started to formulate on my brow.  At just about the 7,800w mark I quickly blurted/unintentionally screamed at the cab driver, 

"Ajushi, please let me out here!  I only have 7,950w!"
"Ehy?  7,950w?"  he said in his cherry old ajushi grumble.  
"Yes, I'm sorry, I thought it would be enough."
"Ehy, don't worry" he said said with a chuckle, "There was a lot of traffic..."

He then reached over and turned off the meter.  I was very taken aback by his kindness.  Seriously, I felt like it was the first time in a very long time that I had experienced a Korean doing something so kind.  It was in the moment I felt a little frustrated because I wanted to really express to him my gratitude, but I was limited to just a simple thank you.  

You know, there are moments when my heart feels so sad at how I see people treating each other here.  The coldness has brought me down at times.  I suppose this is partly a result of being a foreigner and not really a part of the society, but anyways....  I just wanted to say, that ajushi really made my day.  That's all...over and out!


s d v said...

i love when things like that happen so unexpectedly!

omabu said...

ajushi! new word, thanks

!Empower! said...

those are the beautiful little dealios that keep us all living positive and doing our thang!!!