Sunday, September 13, 2009

while running

There he sat with a frozen look on his face as he gazed into the sparkling darkness.  He cautiously crept forward until he reached the edge and found the perfect spot to perch.  With his little legs, carefully folded beneath him, he squinted curiously.  Looking beyond the steps and down into the breathing water, he sat in wonderment as the spigots above shot streams of color that rippled into the nights reflection below.  As his beady eyes looked on, he imagined the streams to be flying snakes, soaring out into short moments of reverie.  Some would dance in pairs, some in hordes.  It was like a ballet in mid air-- the soft starlit sky casting the perfect backdrop.  The music raged on and the flying snakes whirled and danced, perfectly in rhythm to each melodic beat.  But, just a quickly as they would make their stunning debut, they’d crash like a lightening bolt into the water – adding paint to the pallet of a van Gogh masterpiece.