Wednesday, March 24, 2010

full circle

Two years ago almost to this very date, I was a collage of so many emotions.  Not only was I a week away from starting my final quarter as an undergraduate at UCI, but I was about to end it in the most beautiful way possible: as a SPOP coordinator.  

Fast forward a bit and here I am, almost done with my final term at the Graduate School of Life, 2 year accelerated program in the Republic of Korea, and I find that I'm smelling those same nostalgic emotions as they waft just under my nose.  I've been out of the US for quite a reasonable stint, and recently, I've been dabbling with the idea of how to plan my return route home.  They say it takes about a year to prepare for a big move like that.  It seems easy enough though.  Just buy ticket and return.  But for some reason the thought of it has been quite intimidating.  It shouldn't be right?  After all, it is just home.  

It took me about 8 months to really get adjusted to living here, 8...long....months.  They say it takes about a year to get acclimated to a new place.  But after that excruciating period, I can definitely say I started to understand what it REALY meant to be independent and also learned to  appreciate it.  Then slowly I was about to start building something in Seoul; building a new life.  During that time of constructing this foundation, I just knew in the back of my head that the day would come when I'd have to leave here.  It actually made me a bit sad, just thinking about all the things I had come to love, and would dearly miss.  Well, I'm at a point where I do have a pretty solid foundation, and just as I expected, the time has come...although a little sooner than I had anticipated.  But, such is life.

I've just been given this undeniably special opportunity of a lifetime.  Over the phone, they told me in these words, "If you are selected, you need to know that you're going to embark on a life changing journey that will change the course of your life."  That's a pretty big promise to make to someone.  I'm still in shock.  Too many things to try to compute at the moment.  

Almost 2 years ago I left the US with the most amazing send off any girl could ask for, and now, I get to return with a welcoming of the century.  God is so good, that's all I gotta say.  

Only 2 1/2 more months here in the mother land then look out America...I'm coming back home!!!  See you in June!!!




ina said...

congratulations, hannah! this is perfect for you! i am so happy and wish you the best of luck. let's grab lunch or coffee after church one of these days? :)

SuJ said...

it really makes you think how circular life is.