Thursday, March 11, 2010

poetry in motion~

where to begin?
there seems no end to this...
jumbled words foaming from the corners of my mouth,
trying to breathe i squeeze,
the last molecule of O2 from my weak lungs.
with one note the song's begun.
a forgotten hum...
picking up on left off beats,
stored away in a pantry next to the sweets,
and goodies, 
of all sizes and proportions, 
left just there exactly, 
as was,
as is.
like old friends standing at attention,
waiting for the reinvention 
of the word.
the sweet, sweet words.
flowing from the fingertips,
bringing saliva, drenching lips.
colliding through memories
in cold garages where words
silvery dew,
vibrations off the throat, 
lyrical melodies breathing stories into life.
past tales and new beginnings,
creations behind a closet door.
pleasing sounds palpitating to the heart beats,
keeping time with the toe tap,
the flap jacks,
flipping pleasures on a frying pan.
two hands,
painting pictures in the air,
sitting with an open mouth
and wide eyed stares.
creating the creation process,
in real time.
a jam session of heros,
for realz yo!
2 minutes of bliss,
i reminisce,
and smile on those moments, 
in those places,
with those poets. 



Melyssa said...

damn i really like this. doris and i were talking earlier about how great you are.

omabu said...

very cool one indeed!